Om Shanti Om

Fortnight ago one Sunday, I watched OSO (Om Shanti Om). To be frank, quite a mundane movie. The good part was the ’31 Stars’ video and Deepika Padukone. Overall, it was a time pass movie. I dont want to criticise this movie because it is a super hit (that’s what public says).
Well, Farah Khan does know what it takes to make a hit movie. People with no expectations would have appreciated this movie much better. Overall, a slight improvement over her previous movie, Main Hoon Naa. I guess, some people just know what clicks in this ever vacillating film business.

The highlight of the movie: People who have watched tend to agree with. In a parody of Filmfare Awards, there is a nomination of Best Actor category. Akshay Kumar gets his nomination in the movie ‘Return of the Khiladi’. The rushes shown were just too brilliant. Watch this video


Now Watch this : This one’s my favourite


The Above video is from the 2003 Swedish Movie ‘Kopps’. Well, OSO was not just about Indian cinemas of yesteryears relived, but a touch of international as well.

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