Have you ever tried searching for the term ‘Limit’ on Google? I see there are innumerable quotes which many renowned personalities have stated on one’s limits. What do these quotes convey? They all pretty much sing to a single tune – ‘never allow anyone to limit yourself.’ Taking the advice, I have decided to limit myself (instead of others) on essential things to my existence.

There are limits in life for a reason. Staying within limits has done wonders in life, and at the same time, one must remember, it is not easy to define a specific limit.

It is not something one can copy looking at what others have achieved. A limit should be defined in life depending on one’s lifestyle, surroundings, interests, profession, motivation, commitments, getting out of comfort zone, the need to create new benchmarks, and so on…

I do not believe in the adage – ‘there are no limits.’ From my experience so far, as long as human life is limited (as death is unavoidable), how can one define ‘limitless.’ Instead, I would say, we can reach a new limit, create a new benchmark, set a new time – all these are possible and within reach. Limitless cannot be measured and hence wonder, how can I achieve that state!

Let me give you an example from my own life. It took me a long time to admit to me not enjoying running long distances (10k and more). Was I limiting myself? No, I have been running long distances for quite some time, and it doesn’t entirely give me the ‘kick’ I need at the end of it.

Since this realisation, I have started to enjoy my short bursts of running and now confident of completing 5k at ease. Currently, happy with this arrangement, I feel my body and mind are in tune with this new set up. And, all that’s needed is 30 minutes of my time, three to four days a week. That’s 2 hours out of 168 hours, and I can gradually see the overall benefits devoting this little fraction of time in a week.

Now that I have worked out (till the time I realise something new), a schedule not following this routine is my definition to limit myself. Having many interests in life, committing myself to remain fit is just one of them – an important one indeed.

When I know I am good at other things (I can improve and learn more) or if I need to give attention to other aspects of life, why do something devoid of enjoyment and waste my time on just one part?

Fitness is essential, and there is nothing extraordinary here – I have just repacked my fitness schedule (lifestyle) to suit my personality. Let that be running or on a clear day cycling or just walking or just doing some floor exercises, swimming, playing a sport with friends, partner or kids, etc. An idle mind is a devil’s workshop; what about a passive body?

When you encounter a situation where you do not find any time, all you have to do is get out of everyone’s attention and honestly ask yourself if you want to do this. If the answer is yes, start small, learn to enjoy, and climb up.

Ensure you are not giving up other necessary commitments; instead, you are welcoming a value addition in your life. That’s how I look at it. If it is no, well……….. I leave that with you!