Every Girl Should Be Married (1948)

‘Every Girl Should be married,’ is what Dr. Madison Brown says. Anabel Sims, played by Betsy Drake, takes the advice and goes about searching for a perfect husband.

Dr. Madison Brown, played by Cary Grant, plays a reputed paediatrician. He is a noted bachelor too.

Anabel Sims is determined to find Mr. Right finds Dr. Madison very apt as her perfect husband. The movie involves a series of plots in which she stalks Dr. Madison.

She plays the role of a department store salesclerk; when Dr. Madison asks for her help to purchase few things, she decides him to be the one.

She finds all possible information about him, routines, and whereabouts. Knowing her intentions, Dr. Madison tries his best to fend off her.

She uses the help of Roger Sanford, who is a thrice-married playboy. It so happens, Roger falls in love with Anabel. She uses this to tease Dr. Madison and make him feel jealous. All of them turn out to be unsuccessful.

After a series of funny plots and dialogues, the movie culminates when Dr. Madison knows of Roger’s success with a woman and tries to stop them from getting married.

While waiting for Anabel at her place, Old Joe, long-time hometown beau of Anabel, unexpectedly. In the end, Dr. Madison does ask her hand for marriage.

Released in 1948, this movie directed by Don Hartman was one of the highest grosser of 1948.

This romantic comedy is hilarious, and Cary Grant proves his mettle with his sheer comic timing. A pretty Betsy Drake plays a role of a stalker literally.