Prison Break and Michael Scofield

It all started in 2005, when I was in my final year of Engineering, I got introduced to this character. Viren, a friend from college, suggested that I watch the first episode, and ever since, I have never looked back.

Calm, collective, focussed, determined, fighting for a cause, commitment are just some of the words that come to mind. After watching the last episode, I realised, this character was one big influence on me.

This series kept me going many times during the last three and half years. It all took four seasons, and that’s it, it got its ending.

It all started grandly; the idea of the series was something out of the box. I was a fan right from the time the series started. The show was popular, wasn’t comic; it represented the other side of comedy.

The word isn’t a tragedy; it’s called ‘Life’ from another perspective.

It’s a thing with me to get attached to the characters, who inspire me and give me hope because they give me a window to have a different perspective on life. This character was no exception.

When I saw the final episode, I knew it was all going to end. So did his character. I appreciate the director having made such an ending; the last five minutes is marvellous.

So what did I learn? At different times in my life, it was like a drive, which made me re-discover my buried hopes.

One line I always remember is this – ‘Be the Change you want to see in the world.’

That sums it up for me as to why this character will always be an inspiration for me. RIP – Michael Scofield, it was great knowing you.

It ends the journey of the series ‘Prison Break’ until someone decides to wake him up from the dead!