Walk Dont Run (1966)

The year of Olympics 1964, Sir William Rutland, played by Cary Grant, arrives in Tokyo a week before the Olympics. As a result of this, he finds himself in an awkward situation of the housing crisis.

He finally manages to find himself an Apartment occupied by Christine Easton, played by Samantha Eggar. Although she was looking for a woman, she finally agreed to let Sir William share the apartment.

Sir William meets American Olympian Steve Davies, who is also looking for a house to stay. He is offered to share with Sir William, much to the dismay of Christine. Steve Davies finds her very attractive and falls in love with her.

Hesitant in the beginning, but even Christine becomes closer to Steve. She is confused as she is engaged to the British diplomat Julius P Haversack, who also happens to be very dry and out of life, in short boring.

Sir William notices the closeness among these two and plays the role of cupid and brings them together. Cary Grant has some of the well written witty lines to offer in many scenes. This movie also marked the end of Cary Grant’s long movie career that spanned 34 years.

Quite strange to most Cary Grant movies in his entire career, this movie didn’t involve him romantically with a girl.

Directed by Charles Walters, released in 1966, Walk Don’t Run more vividly remembered as Cary Grant’s last movie and as a remake of 1943 classic ‘The More the Merrier’ starring Jean Arthur.