There are plenty of websites, books, audio recordings, and seminars available to get inspired. There is no single formula for getting inspired. To get inspired is a personal choice and depends on the individual taste. Like anybody else, I too need constant inspiration(s) to do things.

Some aspects are situational, bounded by the life we lead and the way it is presented at any given point. Rest, I go looking for something to do! However, without any bias, each person needs inspiration at some point in time, and here again, we interpret this word in different ways.

Are we running short of ideas? Do we lack the spark which we previously possessed? Are we on the look out for a change? How can we tackle the same problem with a different approach? How do we seek clarity from a clouded problem? How do we face our fears? How do we accept and manage our responsibilities? How to do just about anything for the first time and carry on doing it?

One can ask many more questions, and one of the critical solutions is to get ‘inspired.’ The best part of getting inspired is that it has no set patterns. The same story narrated by an adventurer to a large audience can be interpreted in many different ways and, in turn, get inspired or discouraged, entirely based upon an individual’s interpretation and application skills. This is the beauty of creativity – the same idea, when executed by different people, results in different scenarios, products…

“Inspiration to me is… anything that ticks me to take a particular decision, perform a set of actions or even think about getting to a destination – it is a journey of thoughts mixed with choices and actions”.


First and foremost, I look for a situation that needs intervention, a sort of inspiration that would help me resolve. Parallely ask, why do I need to fix it? I need not sit in one place and keep pondering. Just wanting to improve will present ways.

Why do I need to get inspired? I peg myself constantly with this question until I am satisfied with the explanation. Often, this answer sets the foundation for future elements. This exercise itself has inspired me many times just to take that hesitant first step. One can call it ‘introspection’ or ‘mindful thinking’ instead of just clocking in hours and then feel.. ‘what am I doing’? This helps me to be more aware of myself and have an opinion on my choices.

Being open-minded while absorbing the inspiration. I believe this is one of the tough things to endure. It is natural to relate any external talks immediately, solutions to our problems. Though it is difficult, I try to be as open-minded as possible! But again, I try!

Feel the situation from my point of view. It gets to me to a zone where there is this large pool of untapped thoughts that serve as inspiration within me. That is how I get inspired impromptu, i.e.; a simple act was done at a random hour. A regular task performed differently, or even an unrelated business or a task can act as a source of inspiration.

And lastly, the process of inspiration has two points. The start and the end (or in some cases, the end is never unless we deliberately put an end to it). I look for the journey from start to finish. This journey gives me a perspective and, therefore, some inspiration to keep it going, which I may not apply directly – but it all goes into my conscious bank. However, the lesson learned is that I undertook many tasks, and most of it I went on to fulfill them while a few I gave up at different stages of the pursuit. All these serve as sources of inspiration: How to do and how not to do.

To sum it up, getting inspired is a beautiful process. At this moment, unconsciously, subconsciously, our body, mind, and soul are getting inspired. Take a time out occasionally and live this chain of events that unfold in you – and you will be surprised to witness, inspiration is nothing but an exchange of experiences of any kind.