Why History

I am browsing the site History.com; I ask myself a question. Why am I so fascinated with history? It’s indeed a thought-provoking question. In the most neutral sense, it means nothing but my preference over a gamut of topics we come across in daily life.

If I ask myself honestly at this moment, I can say; I love listening, watching, and telling stories. I love sports and movies. To stretch it a bit further, I love the historical journey of my favourites mentioned above in particular.

This doesn’t mean I do not like the present-day situation. To completely appreciate a particular concern in the present context, I want to know the history behind it.

Philosophically, this is how I look at life in general. ‘How I was’ is an essential connection to ‘How I am’ and a catalyst to ‘How I will be’; because in a short time, ‘How I am’ shall pass and becomes history in due course.

In that sense, history is essential, and it just gives an indication through which one can fathom how the trend has shaped over time.

Paying due respect to the ‘present moment,’ I say, the present choices that shape the future and come to the point of choice are dictated heavily by history.

Hence, in my opinion, history is a crucial element to know and to understand anything in general.

I have resources to learn history, but I feel we can do a lot more with history. History in some way is awareness, not entirely real if considered in the present context. It is a starter, sometimes more than an appetizer to make choices that would shape my future.

In the end, it is neither history nor astrology that define our lives…..

It is ‘Present.’ And the key element that connects ‘Present’ is history. Human life is all about being aware and ignorant at the same time. History helps us be knowledgeable and ignorant, depending on its relevance in our present life.

A whole mirror approach would similarly present the future studies. I choose and all these years chose history for several reasons unknown.

Sometimes in my journey, when I can connect more dots, I can refine and put it better as to why I like history.