A Prodigy

Ever wondered how is it to spend a lifetime with kids???
It is marvelous… Although not everyone is destined. What exactly is destiny??

I guess it’s something which we make based on our decisions of a situation which we encounter. We have opportunities right in front of us, but we have this habit of looking behind as to what happened in the past and never look what lies ahead.

Coming back, we nurture a kid pretty well. Have we ever wondered, there is a kid within us???
He just stopped growing and went to hibernation.

Maybe he couldn’t survive in this, not so innocent world. Hey, we did stay as kids in this world. After all, it isn’t that bad a world, the one we live in.

The credit goes to our parents.

All I would say, if parents put things in a better way to a kid’s question, the kid would never curse for the rest of his/her life.

So, why are we such a lousy parent???
Why are we not allowing this whiz kid to enjoy his/her life?

Is it just the case, we are not accepting ourselves completely. For the past year, I am trying hard to nourish this kid in me. I am feeding him with good thoughts. Things can be greasy around me, but I am teaching my kid how to hurry along the slippery roads; it’s an adventure, an incredible experience. I am not all bothered about the destination; I am more focussed on the journey.

To me, the hope of doing anything exists in this world, as long as my kid is alive and healthy within me. Kid within me has the energy and does what he feels, and never bothers about any adversity or any person.

But like all kids, getting scared can be so easy; hey, this is where our mind, the so-called mature mind should ensure, there isn’t any such fear in the road to success.

Success is relative, and all I can say is, “Fulfilling the capacity of oneself is a success.”
When you see children in a bad state, ask yourself, Is my kid within me in good condition???

This will be a reality check in many ways. Unless we allow the kid to enjoy its potential, we won’t be doing much justice to other children.

All kids won’t need money; all they need is love, affection, and the feeling of being secured.

When we try to help children who are in a bad situation, do help yourself, not because of being selfish, but one can appreciate life differently and more positively.

We would be arriving at answers than asking questions, which makes us wonder what the correct answer is.

When we present something to the kids who are in help, all I can say is, do give your kid within you. In that way, kids around us will enjoy much more with the kid within us.