Lazy Boy…. Are you out of focus???

You read about legendary stories, their focus, concentration, dedication, and other words that fit here; I wondered how they would feel when they do not feel like doing anything.

It’s easy to speak in hindsight, and we can always make a good sense of it. ‘As time goes by,’ in real, how is it to feel when one loses focus and cannot concentrate?

Self-doubts creep in at times when you start thinking about the future. We have to prepare for the future, but at the same time, as everyone has told us in their ways, we must learn to live in the present, quite the opposite when the future seems so promising, motivation oozing through the veins with each day that passes by.

Perception is a thing, and also how one adapts to that perception matters. I can say, but I have to mean it, and only when I walk through the channel that parallels my talks has some credibility. This aspect is what separates me from achievers and a wannabe achiever.

An achiever was a wannabe achiever some time back, so one must seek comfort in that, but the comfort zone ends there, as one has to push individual limits imposed by us previously to give birth to the achiever in us.

When chips are down, we tend to lose faith in few things we believed in.

Common sense often is the culprit, it makes us believe the dark side of our faith, and with time it convinces unless we fight it out, the conflict inside us before it’s too late.

I am going through a phase where laziness is pre-dominant, lack of focus, and uncertainty… I’m not too fond of this period…. but I have accepted this to be the present behaviour.

I want to change, and it feels as though I have lost faith. Losing the faith doesn’t mean I am a pessimist; it’s the way I come out of this that matters. ‘Without self-doubts’ one has never succeeded. It’s the way one clears the doubts and regain the focus that has made all the difference.

One thing is getting clear…. what you focus on the most turns into reality… Until this week, I was out of focus as to where I want to be…..

This week, it’s a better picture, so to say, when compared to last week or the previous. I have had a chance to ponder over new opinions, or one can say new impressions. In the end, I shut my mind and just allowed my instincts to speak. Only by reflecting on events that have occurred in my life made me understand the meaning of faith.

Faith is believing in something when common sense tells you not to. Just because things did not turn out the way you want to the first time, you still got to believe in people or something you have hopes on.” – The first line is from the Miracle on 34th street, Rest is my interpretation as to why the first line makes sense to me…

I am sure I will fight my way out of laziness and start believing (re-believe) in things that I haven’t been off-late.


A few weeks back, on a Saturday morning, I saw my car tyre being flat. I was in a hurry. Thanks to my neighbour, I rode a two-wheeler, got a puncture fixing boy. He didn’t have the tools to attend my problem; instead, he replaced the flat tyre with a Stepney, the only one present. He took the flat tyre with him and said he would get it fixed.

Ten days went by; I hadn’t been to the shop to pick it up. Busy…. I do not know what busy means these days. I know it is different for different people. If I look back, I should have picked it up. I was lazy…. Let’s face it.

“My uncle was undergoing an operation at St.Johns hospital. My mom wanted to see how he was doing. That evening I came home early so that we could go. It was 730 pm, and we were suddenly on our way to the hospital. Suddenly, I sensed a feeling of imbalance. I thought the roads were bumpy, but it wasn’t, and I stopped the car on the side.

The rear left tyre was flat. I was livid for a moment, say a few seconds. Reality does bite hard. It bites me soon enough at times to calm me down quickly.

Luckily, a few meters ahead, I saw a puncture shop. Since there was no Stepney, the tyre had to be fixed, and it was courtesy of a long nail, the tyre was punctured. Two tiny holes were enough to get the tyre flat. He set it.”

We could manage to meet our uncle, although he wasn’t in a position to recognize us. Such situations cannot be explained. It has to be experienced; one can empathize.

On our way back, it was 1030 in the night. I could sense a similar vibration, and to my guess, it was right a flat tyre. Again!!!

I expected front left tyre, but to my surprise, it was the same tyre that got its attention a few hours back. Turn left; it was a puncture shop.

He had some latest mechanical tools that could fix this problem in significantly less time.

I realized how lucky I was. “Tomorrow is a big day; I have to drive long distance, what if something happens and I am stuck in the middle of now where with no Stepney”, wondered I.

Karma undoubtedly ensured I wasn’t punished for my laziness. I learnt an important lesson, not to ignore certain things that seem so unimportant from outside.

The previous guy failed to sense there was another tiny hole, tiniest of cavities.

The new guy fixed the tyre. Off we went.

The next day, I wasn’t left with many options. I had to rush to my customer early. I was cautious about my driving. Two days later, I got my Stepney back. It was a relief.

Lessons come through actions; they are learnt more through our own mistakes than wisdom.

I do not know how well I would have learnt from this, but I thought this was something I could share.