Life is a bar of chocolate………….

After a while, I am back, wherein I had planned many times to fill this up. Most of the time, situations made me be in a position of lurking at things.

The question is, what made me write after a long time??

First thing, I didn’t want my blog to sere up without any new additions. Secondly, I enjoy writing about my adventures, or in simple terms, I love writing what I feel like.

Finally, this happens to be the reason for this particular blog post.

Eighteen years back, we all know Sachin made his debut. But this isn’t about it. Somewhere in Bangalore, I was a school going student, and I was in class one at that time.

I commuted via rickshaw, which was hired to pick and drop me to school and home. I used to be agog to play my peevish or say pettish tricks, making some of my fellow mates and teachers (not everyone though) go mad.

Chocolates, I love them. I never forced anyone to have chocolates and always fought with my sister to have her share also. I am the happiest guy when I see chocolates and people not liking them. How can someone hate chocolates?

The answer is simple, ‘How can you hate having curds?’ Many people ask me this. I can understand, but curds and chocolates cannot be compared. But who cares if people don’t like chocolates.

While I was getting ready to go to school (1989), I saw an advert for Campco bar chocolate in the newspaper. I wanted this badly. My dad didn’t concur with my constant pleading. I even threatened not to go to school if I didn’t get my Campco.

Finally, my dad agreed, and he promised me he would get one in the evening. I refused and forced him to get this choco bar at that moment.

By this time, my pickup had arrived. I had to go to school. I refused to get inside the rickshaw.

After a while, my dad gave in. I asked my dad to come along with me to school. On our way to school, I knew a shop that used to sell these Campco bars. So my dad was forced to come along with me in the auto. He was leaving to work, and many times, he used to take the same route to catch his bus to work. He came along with me with his suitcase, which had many of his files in it.

I was so happy. I could imagine how well the bar would be melting inside my mouth. I felt like a mollycoddle.

Just before the shop, there is a crossroad, wherein my dad usually used to take a right, and I was supposed to go straight on the same road to school. I was surprised when he asked the rickshaw guy to stop at the crossroad.

I asked, ‘The shop is not here, why stopping?’

My dad got down and instructed the auto driver to go to school. That’s it.

I was shattered, and I kept shouting my dad’s name. By the way, I call him ‘Anna.’ I kept yelling ‘Anna, Anna………’


I was furious, and I couldn’t stop myself crying and shouting about what happened. The auto was heading towards the school, and I was screaming for not having my chocolate bar. Later, I did complain to my mom about this incident.

My dad, the usual way, just started laughing about it.

I don’t remember whether I got my choco bar. My instinct says I did get it after few days. Now, no matter what, I can never forgive my dad for what he did. I can’t get over this, even though it’s a silly point.

I never bring up this ‘so-called’ kinder- heartbreaking issue with him, but this incident happens to be my recurring dream. It keeps coming back to me.
I had cried when I was alone many times when I think about this incident.

Now, last Sunday, I had kept my chocolates safely in the freezer. My sister’s share, along with mine, was both saved. Later, when I returned, I saw there wasn’t to be any more left. I was furious and asked my sister about this. She pointed out, ‘dad had your share.’

Now, I just said, ‘Dad, why you have to do all these things? I still get reminded of what you did to me when I was a kid?’

Although, my dad and sister didn’t have much clue as to which incident I was mentioning. I was upset. With a smile, I went back to my room, and that’s it.

It’s silly, but many things do stay like this, and when I look back, my dad had given me many things I had asked him for, then why I need to be unhappy about what happened when I was a kid.

Last year, I had promised my niece I would be getting her fruit cake that night so that she could carry them to school the next day. I failed to live up to my promise, and I did call up my sister to say I am sorry; I didn’t get any. She said, ‘It seems you had promised her.’

I had to leave early the next morning to work. When I was about to leave, I got reminded of the above incident and how bad I felt for not getting what I was promised.

My niece won’t understand why I didn’t get it. She might forget this after some time. But, I didn’t want to take chances, and I didn’t want to give an inch so that she feels terrible for not getting her fruit cake.

Instead of catching the cab, I waited for one and half hours so that the confectionary guy opened his store and after some time, I took a parcel of fruit cake. I went to my niece’s place.

She was taking a bath. I just kept the cake on the table.

My sis asked, ‘Why you had to do all these things, you should have gone to work, she is young, and she will forget it within a day.’

I just replied, ‘I just know how it feels, especially when young, when you don’t get after a promise was made.’

I left. I was a relieved man. That evening, I played with my niece, ‘Thank you, Maamu, for the cake,’ she remarked.

A smile on her face, and it was very satisfying for me.

My Favourite Chocolate quote: “Life is a box of chocolates; you never know which one you get.” In my case, I have a vivid memory of when I missed it.