The Howards of Virginia (1940)

Set in colonial Virginia in the 1750s, this movie is a story about Matt Howard and his wife Jane Howard when America was fighting for their independence.

Although there were cultural differences between Matt and Jane, there was no love lost between them when they kissed for the first time and fell in love.

Despite Jane’s brother opposing the marriage, they go through the ritual and raise a clutch of children. Their elder child’s lameness reminds Matt of his brother-in-law, and he manages to ignore the child for the very same fact.

The movie shows Matt, his friendship with Thomas Jefferson, and his unique portrayal of a farmer. In 1776, Matt enrolled to be part of George Washington’s army to fight for independence. In search of their father, Peyton and James, Matt and Jane’s sons decide to join the military. They meet their father.

Listening without being seen to his two sons arguing over the rebellion, he discovers Peyton to be the closest to his principles than his beloved James. He tries to communicate his love, but war comes in between.

The movie culminates in America getting Independence from British and George Washington becoming the First President of the United States.

The movie was commercially unsuccessful, and Cary Grant later confessed to him being miscast as Matt Howard.

Although the movie conveys the history of Virginia and the United States, there are few chronological errors. The costumes, however, have a period appeal to the 1750s.

The Howards of Virginia was directed by Frank Lloyd and earned two Oscar nominations for Best Music Original Score and Best Sound Recording.