Getting Rid of the Past – Do we have to all the time?

I thank you for having a decent memory; I often ensure it’s put into fair use. There are times when I am all by myself; few scars feel unhealed, although time has gone by, it seems as though they are untouched.

An element called stubbornness in me refuses to accept that things have changed; I don’t want to be judgemental, whether it is good or worse. I believe (philosophically) that everything happens for good, only when no options are left and we resign to what some call ‘fate,’ and few others call ‘destiny.’

There were times when things were different, but life is such a puzzle that only our perspective is the sole solution as to why it changed. Most reactions of ours are as a result of this belief.

It disturbs me that things didn’t pan out the same way it used to. That’s called evolution, maturity, growing up, moving on, etc., etc

Life as television with remote control operated by few friends can be quite an experience. It tries its best to entertain as per the channel desired.

There seems to be a trend with few to change the television with time because it’s antiquated and time for something new.

But, there can also be that life has become so busy that there is no time to watch television. So, what seemed to be favourite programs in the past, doesn’t find a place today. Reality bites, don’t it.

It’s fortunate at times, they get the updates, and few might even interest them.

I guess it’s time to accept that things have changed, and looking back; it was a good time except for the disconnection, not once but twice.

There have been new connections on a brighter note, but as I said, one has to pay the price for having a decent memory.

It’s just that those memories have to be conditioned and aligned so that, when I look back, I will get a reminder that, afterall I didn’t have a bad deal and will know as time goes by what caused the disconnection.

Till then, it’s ok; it’s good to reflect on what happened. Now I realise and thank the two I was constantly in touch with and have not lost any respect whatsoever.

You do get deviled at times, but I promise, I never made any conclusions, and the book is still open.