Me and my thoughts

I must say, I had a sort of eventful weekend and it was all by myself. I am not sure how it feels for many people, but from what I have seen and heard, it is clear that we are ourselves when we are left with our thoughts and choices.

After a long hiatus, I managed to watch the golden classics of the Hollywood era. In short, I got a chance to watch movies on my laptop. This year I managed to catch up with many Hindi films with my housemates from South Delhi.

Now that guys have gone to their respective stop-gap arrangements, I have moved into a new house; last week, I moved into another house, just a few metres away. It feels different, with cold feet and in a place with no heaters. Yes, it has its fun. After going through a record-breaking Delhi summer, I am getting to feel, what the locals say, the best part of Delhi, it’s winter.

The fog will take some time to make its appearance. I have seen them in many Bollywood movies; it sure would feel good walking when fog prevails over Delhi.

Cooking, well, I have been very sporadic in this regard but still managed to cook quite a lot. I like when there are people around me. It brings the chef in me to the fore. Anyway, it’s an excellent way to experiment with new dishes. And it is always better to try first before letting others taste them.

Over the past week, running against the cool breeze gave me a good feeling. Running is a good thing, and more than running, I fancy brisk walking where I get a chance to talk to myself, and it’s more rhythmic to the thoughts that come to my mind. One such idea was – “If you compare yourself with others, you are a socialite; if you compare yourself with your past, you are a genius.”

I came up with this line, and the next moment, I wondered, what could be the meaning of this. I thought over the line mentioned above; I didn’t feel the same because I was fabricating a theory to support this line.

Well, I tried again, thinking, what if others ask. Still, I wasn’t convinced, or should say, didn’t have any convincing reason to support my line. In the end, after pondering close to ten minutes, I decided to stick with the line without any reason. Whom should I reason with? I feel good with this line, and I am sure I will find the motivation along the way. This, in my opinion, is the way it should be.

Indeed, it’s an intuitive call.