Two Guys, a Girl and her Dilemma

Having met a guy who stays in the Middle East (X), a girl starts a strange liking to the other guy (Y).

She comes after a gap of one month, with slight poking here and there but no tough conversations or warm greetings; it’s more out of surprise about how someone can converse irrespective of her being a recluse.

Interesting, she wonders, “I have never come across such a guy (Y), why is he so far from me?”

Blame it on fate or the test of time for this young woman discovering the difference between liking someone as a friend and loving someone special.

“I started my conversations with him out of curiosity after seeing his (Y) photograph, he looked good, and I just asked him for a friend request. After a couple of days, he did respond, much to my surprise, and it’s been three months, he has surprised me with every conversation I am having with him. I know it was a little late meeting him, but I am unsure how to go about this. Should he be my friend or someone else? I haven’t seen him, so can I take a risk with this.”

She thought more, “Like every girl, even I want my guy to be special, the problem here is, Am I too naïve to understand the meaning of ‘special’?

Are there any different feelings associated with the term ‘special’?

For the first time, it is happening, and I do not know whether this is a natural evolution as a woman or is this me liking someone unconditionally.”

Far across, all this guy (Y) does is wonder what’s happening in his life. One thing is exact, it’s never been a smooth ride, and I guess he has accepted this side of life.

Life is full of challenges, and with it, he does know life and, in turn, everyone will have problems; it’s how well individuals hide. He is excited about her, and he has been trying to make conversations with her. Luck has it; they are just unable to have conversations.

“I am honest about where I stand even though I am unsure about the balance. I do like someone else before he came into my life. I did put it across to him (Y)regarding this. But he didn’t express his disappointment. Instead, he was happy for me.”

Now, is it my madness to test people? I am confused. Should I rely on him just to be a friend? I am confident he will be a wonderful friend; will he be a fabulous lover? Lover, dream man, etc.?

I am unsure about my own life and future. As a 20-year-old, I do not know whom to trust. I keep hearing people being cruel and selfish for their good.

So should I take a chance, go to the Middle east for a guy (X) whom I haven’t met yet.

So far, I was under the impression that he was my dream guy (X) until I bumped into this other person (Y). It was an accident; now I like him as well.

I want to do my business studies, so I work part-time at a daycare, earn some money to fund my studies, and go to Dubai.

Well, this was my dream… I was excited about it. Now I don’t know.

It’s been three weeks since I contacted him (Y); he is kind, sweet, keeps sending mails. Is he my special person?

I am confused again with two people in my life. I have never met but just met through instincts of mine. All I can do is recognize their faces through few photos.

I don’t see them flirting with me because it’s reached another level.

Oh man, I like him (Y) for the fact that he cares for me so much and remembers me.

Although I regularly converse with my special one, this guy I have hardly spoken to, and still, he makes me feel so special. So I sent him an offliner.

“Hey… My dear friend… I want to talk to you badly….”

Every day he would have slept, but due to unavoidable circumstances, he got up early.

Early meant it was time to chat with her.

He logged in, anticipating her to be online after a long time.

His intuition was correct, but all he managed was to read the offline messages.

The guy was 3 hours late reading the above message….

And then, things took a significant turn in the guy’s life that looked as though this girl was more of a distant dream he once considered chasing for…

Life goes on, and he has managed to move on without ever wondering, what if???

P.S: This is written from a draft of March 2008….. I thought will just share