The Last Outpost (1935)

Adapted from a novel by Britten Austin titled ‘The Drum,’ The Last Outpost featured two of the upcoming stars of the ’30s in Cary Grant and Claude Rains.

The movie is set during WWI when British officer Michael Andrews played by Cary Grant, is captured by a band of Kurdish raiders on the Eastern front and is rescued by a man who doesn’t reveal his name.

They both combined to avert an attack on British troops and also saved the civilians of Kurdish. Michael Andrews gets severely wounded and is sent for treatment to Cairo military camp.

He falls in love with the nurse Rosemary, played by Gertrude Michael and vice versa. Although married, she had not heard from her husband in the last three years.

When fit and alright, Michael Andrews is sent on a mission in Africa. After three long years, John Stevenson, played by Claude Rains, comes to claim his wife. John also happens to be the same guy who had saved Michael Andrews.

Rosemary tells John about her newfound love and is shocked to hear Michael being the one. John joins the troop of Michael to settle the scores.

The movie culminates in combining as a team to combat the enemies in the war while they resolve their differences.

Released in 1935, The Last Outpost was directed by Charles Barton and Louis J Gasnier.