While I was outside, alone on a long walk, I wondered, What is it that makes a legend separate from most of us. Is it the type of food, the people he is surrounded with, or just the right frame of mind?

I thought these people knew what they wanted to achieve, and more importantly, they also knew how to achieve it. The latter becomes the key to success.
Success and failure are relative.

Once we know, what we are supposed to achieve, we need to take the necessary steps to achieve it. The measures will automatically come once we realize the intent of fulfilling the purpose.

So what inhibits us from achieving our purpose??

There are many factors, and if we talk to ourselves, we realize that many things in our daily lives are just a routine we are stuck with. Ever wondered why we follow this routine.
I have a standard answer, which is, to an extent, quite acceptable. “Everybody does, so am I doing.”

If we are vigilant about our own lives, we realize; we don’t quite like following all the routines of our daily lives. But we are doing it. It is in our comfort zone. If something goes wrong, there are a lot of them surrounding us who can help us out. It is indeed a secure feeling, not the one we want if we are honest with ourselves.

It is these few people who challenge themselves and do not go with the wind.
They believe they are born to leave a mark in everyone’s life.
Half the battle is won if we realize our potential. But it isn’t enough. We need to harness the prospect into a combative weapon to impact humankind positively.

Be it sports or any other field; There will be a thin line of demarcation between the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Sacrifice is an essential aspect in achieving one’s purpose. But, in my opinion, one must not compromise. Sacrifice and compromise are two different things.

Compromise accepts items willingly, whereas settlement is like accepting, wherein you don’t have any other choice. The limit of “Tolerance” firmly holds these two qualities.

If we tolerate things that inhibit us from achieving our purpose real purpose, then there is no harm in it. As long as one is convinced about what he/ she is doing, it becomes easy to convince others.

Next time, when you are struggling to convince others, Do ask yourself, “Am I convinced in the first place??”

The more convinced one is, the better one will be once confident, and in that case, there is the only thing visible, the road to success. Even if things don’t go well, we will find an alternative route to the same destination of success because we have the confidence of reaching there.

Now, to travel along the path of success, it’s no cakewalk.

We want to reach the ultimate point of our purpose; hence, we realize what we are supposed to do.

In this position, all we need to do is, concentrate on achieving it.
Here comes the biggest test of all, how strong are we mentally to reject things that retards our progress. This is the thin line I was talking about.

We being humans, tend to deviate from our path and relax. Nothing wrong with it, as long as one is happy being in that current state.
The problem starts when we are stuck in this current state and not being happy.

This takes a tough call, one has ever made, and we need to make this uncompromising call to liberate.

It isn’t easy initially; never give up till you find it comfortable, and at the same time, you are back on your road to success. It takes a hell lot to absorb, and at a stage, it becomes a pain.

One has to take this pain and start enjoying it by looking at the bigger picture; I mean the overall picture.

I am sure we will gain a lot by enjoying this period of pain at the end of it.
“NO PAIN, NO GAIN.” Gain means achieving what one has set out to achieve.