The Other Side of Globalisation

This topic, globalisation, has been pegged into our minds ever since ‘connecting people’ was eased through the digital media revolution. With the increase in the number of ‘social networks,’ one felt like we belonged everywhere, and it even gave a sense of what the ‘world’ is like.

Many views, counter views, and opinions, we heard it all and took part in it.

What about the opinions that never came out? Are we listening to the silence? 

As our feeds are filled with the ‘latest happenings’ worldwide, we often overlook a crucial element to society’s existence – localisation.

The human race is made up of societies and societies, whether we like it or not, mirrors  Newton’s third law principle – ‘For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.’

Globalisation was one such action/reaction that could not have escaped from our human evolution process. It had to happen someday, and here we are, experiencing the phenomenon of this global closeness. Naturally, there was bound to be a reaction.

Economics dictate countries and the way it grows. But, who dictates the economics?

The societies made up of people make these choices based on their ever-changing surroundings. However, the beliefs are tested each day, and to maintain an equilibrium, one must continuously tug-it-out in a field of action-reactions.

I often wonder if our evolutionary path is a straight line, wherein we move forward, rest as we please, and have an option to go back?


Is it a case of being sinusoidal, where we have our positives (peak), negatives (troughs), and a neutral path?

Now, on the back of Brexit and Donald Trump’s victory, all I can think of is, people who vote may not voice out their opinion publicly. Maybe, they have had enough of globalisation.

Are they tired of world-closeness, and hence they took a stand to focus more on the matters that are part of their immediate surroundings?

It looks that way!

Privacy is no longer an inexpensive choice, and the concept of ‘globalisation’ isn’t well defined now. In a chaotic world, what would you choose? 

This is a choice, the majority of them made to back ‘localisation.’ And, in a democratic process, a simple majority is enough to win!

Whether this is an action or a reaction – it doesn’t matter.

Life goes on…. C’est la vie…. We have lived before… we are living right now… and we continue to live in the future. We will continue to find ways, and that is the core of human existence.

Nothing else matters!