The Purpose Defeated

As I am preparing to sleep with music on, the whole point of this blog was unfruitful. I watched the movies because I wanted to watch them.

Never mind the delay in watching them, I can safely say I have made up for the loss. I am not 50 years old, and I am happy that cinema’s legacy as a cinephile, which my grandfather, my mother, and her sisters, brothers had, will continue through me.

I would say I have been in a mood to watch anything that people call ‘Old,’ ‘Dull,’ ‘Black ‘n’ White,’ ‘Old Actors,’ ‘Uncool,’ etc. These are, of course, gone on to become so-called ‘Classics.’

The best way to know actors, actresses, directors, writers are to experience their works, very similar to appreciate a musician by listening to his/her piece of work. My likes or dislikes will be a perspective. And to be honest, I can only influence a few, not create a revolutionary opinion.

This blog was meant to touch up the movies I have been watching, and it’s been a long time… I regret this; the purpose is defeated.

To the future, for the unregretful moments……… Till I call it ‘cut(s),’ instead of quits’

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