The Last Supper before the D-day

After watching Virender Sehwag getting to his second double hundred, I took the flight early morning to Mumbai. When I got out of the airport, I saw the score in my mobile phone. The message read “Sehwag out for 319 and Sachin for a duck”. We were taken to our hotel, Sea Princess right next to Hotel Taj Mahal. The view from the room was amazing, Gateway of India adjoining to the sea face. Few months later, when I visited the same place for my Visa, it was carnage after the bomb blasts.
After having a nice lunch, I relaxed for a while. Pradeep, who stays in Mumbai, met me at the venue. We all had to wear common T-shirts and the Quiz Master was Derek O Brien. It was a showcase event as many top management from BP, Times of India had come. Narain Karthikeyan was the special guest and he did his bit as a quiz master towards the end. We managed to qualify for the finals by winning the semi-finals round. The scene was set for a grand finale. After a stage of some entertainment from Mansi Scott, we began the finals.
The finals were more of a game show than a quiz final. You had lots of unusual rounds. Well, one team wasn’t performing and you had three teams going for the kill till the final round. We were one among them the three.
Final round, we did our bit, two questions to go, we had lost the race for top spot. The top two teams tied and we were third placed in the end. A college team from NIT Allahabad won the jackpot. Wait, a minute, Second prize gets an all expense trip to Bangkok. Third Prize, a lot of goodie bags, including Rs 6000 worth fuel, a small trophy, a chance to stand on the podium just like in Motorsports for prize distribution. Spray of champagne for winners and a group photo.
We knew we came close, and in hindsight, if it were to be out and out finals like it is usually conducted with scoring and other things, we would have won.
Nevertheless, it was some experience to be known as the third best team in Motorsports Quiz in India. It was nice chatting with Narain Karthikeyan after the event for few minutes.
A few days later, this event was featured in Bombay Times and we had our picture on it.
Looking back, it was March 29th last year, when we were verge on being Famous, turned out we were ‘Almost Famous’.

I was fortunate, my partner was Pradeep and I learnt quite a lot of things from him. Its no joke, he was like a mentor and I was happy to learn the tricks of the trade which he had been for such a long time and continues to do. He taught me to calm the nerves before a big event and we did pull each other legs during our so called ‘Indian Sports Quiz Trip’.
To our team names ‘W.G. DisGrace’ to Mon-key (Mann ki) Shakti Tann ki Shakti (keeping with the theme of Harbhajan – Symonds incident), we did come a long way. In India, New Year begins around last week of March. I can say, it was a new year for me on a personal front. That was it and it all ended in Mumbai. Quizzing terms, Yes. Personally, all the above experiences heralded the dawn of my new found life.
I had so much to tell that, I ended up writing a blog early April last year titled ‘Love story or is it my Story’. The ramifications were such that, it changed my life completely.
And April 6th it was, the D-day that soon turned out to be an important day of our lives. Looking back, I know the events that occurred in those three months last year made me to write a blog on my love life about a girl whom I never met, cut my hair and start a new life.
In the end, the superstitious would have won, had I not cut my hair, we could have won. Who knows?
I don’t regret it. I am here in Switzerland writing this, a day after seeing Kimi Raikonnen losing out in Malaysia this year, when compared to him winning on 6th of April at Bahrain last year. As the race culminated last year, I felt for the first time in a week’s time I was ‘Out of my Comfort Zone’. And that’s how it stands till date. A special friend did something ‘Out of her Comfort Zone’ and since then she has become really special in my life and so on we went about living the days of our lives.

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