The Taste of Life – Cadbury’s Diary milk

It’s a dream to be in the land of chocolates enjoying every moment of the bite. Switzerland, quite rightly is famous for chocolates and they make some awesome ones.
I had a chance to visit the chocolate factory of Nestle twice last month in a space of three days; it was an amazing feeling. Something I just cannot express it through words.
Back when I was a child, just like most children, indulging in chocolates was also my favourite past time. The habit has stayed, and I can sense my childhood days are back, especially seeing my friends here, fighting out for chocolates. It is not about buying new chocolates, we get plenty of them, but one doesn’t get a particular brand of chocolate in Swiss, that happens to be ‘Cadbury’s Diary Milk’.
Coming here, I realised the love I had for Cadburys while I was a child and then as I grew old, be it a quick snack, a gift for someone etc, I relished every moment of it.
Last week, at the UK airport, I could see Cadburys everywhere and for a pound it was a good deal. I bought a big pack (Just for one pound!!!!) and finished it just before I could board the plane. It was an awesome feeling, a sense of deja-vu, reminded me of the days, my grandpa and lot of other people bought me Diary Milk. It reminded me of the ad, the famous ad, featuring models Shimona and Arvin Tucker. The cricket setting was just a perfect theme and it still remains a top advertisement direted by an Indian (Abhinav Deo). Watching this video brought back my playing days of puerility and I just feel fortunate that I was able to remember those days……..


One thought on “The Taste of Life – Cadbury’s Diary milk

  1. will it be too much if i say you just words out of my mouth for cadbury. I just looooovvvvvveeeeeee it.

    I also remember how excited u were for the crackle for ur bday 🙂

    I love the ad. Wish i get to do this one day. 🙂 Awesome simple refreshing just before my exams 😛


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