A man and his legacy left behind

It came 2006; I was rejuvenated so was Michael. Both were raring to go. Although I had significantly less to lose, it was a challenge in itself.

It was easy for me because I did not depend much on people. Well, Michael had his team; he had to motivate his team along with him. That was the challenge for him.

It started not so right; I didn’t qualify at the IIT-M fest (Saarang) in Sports and Ent Quiz.
I was confident of putting up a good show along with my pal.

Well, I was disappointed, but the trip was good fun for me. I just witnessed the best among the quizzers in India. The best part was, I had my pal Anucheth, who was part of that league and sitting pretty high.

For me, it was a setback personally. In hindsight, it was good. I prepared hard and was ready with my Sports quiz. Well, it was a test for me, and I was prepared for it. Confident.

It was satisfying at the end of 4 years; I got my reward; the Sports quiz was appreciated.

Michael had not so great races initially, and he was trailing. He came back to his best at Imola, and the highlight was the way he tailored Alonso’s brakes behind him. It was Pay Back time. Exactly opposite happened in 2005.

Somewhere mid-way through the season, Michael lost ground and was 34 points behind Alonso.
Now, what to do??? This cant happens twice in a row, I thought, being a die-hard fan.

Just when everyone in the world, including me, gave up on him winning the championship, one person rose. He was the LAST ACTION HERO. He was ready for the action. Race after race, he grew stronger and stronger, and with two races to go, he was equal with Alonso in points.

The best part was that I stopped having expectations of him winning races, and hence i could enjoy his victories even more and the disappointing Japanese Grand Prix later in the year.

Sadly he announced his retirement at the end of the 2006 season after winning an emotional Italian GP at Monza.

The final two races of his career turned out to be anti-climax,
At the end of it all, he lost the championship due to mechanical failures in successive races. Talk about destiny; his last engine failure was on a dull Sunday of July 2000 at the French Grand Prix.

I did not worry about what happened. But it was a little sad; probably, this is how life goes.

Michael, the way he took those twin blows is worth praising. He had no complaints about his car; he stressed when asked to comment about the car, ” the same car gave me five championships in a row, why to complain now??” he replied.

There are good moments, and there are not so good moments. One needs to accept it as fast as possible and move on. It was a sport, after all.

And in general, life is short after all.

The above incident gave me and every one an insight into a man who lived his dreams. He was happy to end his career on a losing team but a fighting unit.

He won, and indeed, he did conquer everyone by his racing at the Brazilian GP. His last overtaking maneuver on Kimi was the perfect way of showing that he’s still the King when it comes to dominating on the track. His aura was something which we call “The Michael Magic.”

He quit on the track, which produced many great drivers, none better than Aryton Senna, who would have been proud to have seen Michael the way he raced on that day(22-10-06). His final day as a driver in Formula1.

If at all, one thing which needs to be highlighted is the spirit of hope. The hope ignited many Italians and Michael’s fans worldwide.

He lighted the candle of hope for all the people who were struggling to come to terms in life. From nowhere, he reached the position of becoming a champion again. He didn’t eventually, but better than the way he lost in 2005.

It allowed me to acknowledge whatever I had, and it made me realize a lot of things. One of them is to concentrate on giving my best not only when things are going well but also in the same spirit when things are the opposite.

Problems are with everyone; the way one deals with it separates pros from the rest.

It was fabulous for me to have my journey parallely with Michael.

His ruthlessness and his one-lap runs were a treat to watch. At the same time, he managed to have control over himself. Awesome!!!

I always dreamt of being a Schumacher, being ruthless in the things I love, and being the best with the things I loved doing. Well, all I can say, I did get an opportunity. Or at least I think it was.

If conducting UTPT Sports quiz-06 was like taking a pole position, much to my delight.

“Winning on 22nd April at BMS with my great friend Anucheth alongside me felt like winning a Grand Prix just the way Michael did or would have loved to do.”

It was a team effort, with Anucheth continually encouraging me, but with me being ruthless as ever, on that day, all I did was very Schumacher-esque.

With me passing out of college and moving into my next phase, it was great and my privilege to have seen and, more importantly, learned from a person who did most things right.

Like all people, even he committed mistakes. But he corrected them and became a better person.

As Sir Don Bradman, people will remember Michael the way he ended his career.
I guess it happens to the ultimate inspirational guides. Sachin, not winning the World Cup, Pete Sampras not winning the French Open, and many more people like this, leaving a void in their illustrious career.

I am in tears writing this because words cannot explain the impact he had on me.
Well, I am a little emotional; hey, this is how I am. My strength is mostly, and weakness, very little by being passionate, in the way I do things I love.

“A winner is someone who recognizes his God-given talents, works his tail off to develop them
into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his goals.”

Thanks to this winner, I can enjoy my journey of life, a beautiful life indeed.

People asked- “What’s Michael gotta give”- This would be it, at least for me.

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