Alone in the Ring

The last few months have been quite an experience both academically and on a personal front. Things that were available at ease have ceased to exist. In turn, I am learning many new things that will be beneficial as I move ahead. Technology has ensured we keep in touch with people all across the world. It’s easy, yet, we rely on the fact that we are just one touch away from getting connected. So, Honey, Why not later? Whatever…..

Just a little info, I am currently doing my post-graduation studies at AISTS. The subject is Sports Technology and Administration. Yes, it’s an exciting course for people who love sports and people who want to make a career in sports.

This course’s exciting part is that it is recognised and co-founded by International Olympic Committee. AISTS is situated inside the campus of EPFL at Lausanne, which is also known as the ‘Olympic Capital.’ The course involves Sports Management and Economics, Sports Law, Sports Technology, Sports Medicine and Sociology of Sports. It involves other topics like Extended learning, Transdisciplinary, and projects like Team projects, Personal projects, and an Internship.

I love sports, so in a way, it reached a stage as to why not study something about Sports? I do agree, for every decision we have to evaluate our options. I haven’t taken this course because it’s cool to study sports. I have a history, and it hurts.

I am no athlete; I am not worth even being one because I didn’t possess the most vital elements required to be an athlete. That is ‘Will and a Purpose.’ Years have passed. Yes, I was good at playing, but it was just leisure. I never gave myself a chance, and in short, I wasn’t bold enough to take. That’s the truth.

Truth bites, it sure does. How long can I survive without having to breathe in Sports? Mom was right, she did her best, but I didn’t have the will and didn’t have the guts to accept it and make a sports career.

My Dad was good at basketball and table tennis. Mom did her bit at badminton. What did I do? Sports Quizzing, well, that’s not great. Its Nothing. This is the ghost that haunts me, and it always did. It’s sick; earlier, I didn’t even try and just found excuses to cover my face. Well, now, it isn’t anymore.

I had a chance to learn that there isn’t always a second opportunity in life. And all these last few years went in wondering, “What’s next best to being an athlete?”

Involve in Sports?
I loved my previous job, but you see, I can’t be a human while I carry a ghost around me. I don’t know where my future lies, but one thing is sure, I never thought I would be here this time last year. I didn’t even think about this course till June the 6th. One particular incident changed my mind. People may call it ‘coincidence.’ I know it isn’t.

I had my reasons to apply to this particular University, out of interest, including personal. I filled the application five days before the deadline, and it reached Switzerland on the deadline date.

The anticipation of being with someone will always make you feel better, and with this hope, I went ahead. Luck had it; I got the admission. Are you listening, someone?

But guess what, I am alone, should I say, ‘Alone in the Ring.’ Indeed, I have no regrets whatsoever. This is how my life was designed, and it was all fabricated by my choices. Now, I don’t want to be an athlete, but giving myself a shot at being a ‘Sports lover’ and doing something in Sports Industry would be a nice redemption.

‘Alone in the Ring’ makes me introspect, sometimes gives confidence, and sometimes pulls me down. There are special people in my life whom I look up to, share my feelings, and they are very much there. But most times, when I see or hear from them about their lives, perspectives, and state of mind, I find it better at those times to stick to my motions and move on. Every time is not the right time to share.

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