We… The Leaders

Leadership is to lead a ship. As long as you lead and ensure you give it a direction, you are a leader. I am in India after having seen a totally different world for the past one year and I am looking at it from a different perspective. It is not longer just India; it is a place that has given me my identity in this world. (Very rare you are judged just as a person). I have been noticing and after reading texts on ancient history, medieval, modern and present, all I can say at this moment is; it has not changed. It is my perspective and opinions that has evolved. The five elements would exist in any part of the globe, but perspectives about their existence, behaviour is given by us. Yes, we the people.

A country on its own never created boundaries never imposed restrictions upon itself. The limits that exist in each country are courtesy the powerful and several amendments have been made from time to time as the power equations have changed. This seems natural something part of our social evolution. (Something contradictory to the way human freewill has been designed “without limits”)

Each country is made to look unique because of the people, and it is the people that define or rather it’s the people that build a country. A country if looked upon as a vast space (say like water body) something like an ocean or any other water source depending on the size (defined politically), each individual is just a drop.

With ever increasing concept of globalisation, we have opportunities to travel, understand and learn different things happenening around the world. Is it good, not good? One can wage a verbal war and it will end up into an endless loop.

I have ambitions of being a leader and the first step towards it is I want to understand the meaning of the word ‘leader’. I have various examples to look for, but what suits me? It requires a scenario to bring out a leader in oneself. In my opinion, a leader does not wait for the scenario or beg for one, it comes and he or she shall emerge. That’s leadership. Be it small or big.

It is not about the countries, because on a human level, it is about privileged versus under privileged; strong versus weak.

I want to bring improvements, so let me bring improvements in myself first. I want to purify the surroundings, let me purify my inner surroundings first. I want to change the present conditions, let me change myself first and finally I want to bring peace to this world, first let me bring peace within myself.

To me, the way individuals look at situations brings a leader in him or her. As Swami Vivekananda once said – “The true learning comes from inside out”

Only when we seek for something from inside, the external factor can come into play.

Go out seek what you want, your soul wants, because our inner voice is our teacher. For some when the inner voice is inaudible, several theories and opinions end up acting as a teacher as well. Theories help, but it is bounded by certain limitations. Hence the real experience is our best teacher.

For a leader, I personally believe, one must possess intuition combined with open mindedness and briskness to learn, grow etc. These act as mentors as they constantly communicate and guide to the leader’s path of purpose.

Do not look or wait for situations, instead discover and nurture the leader in you. You never know when the situation arises…………..

In leadership, one deals with creatures of emotions and not creatures of logic.

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