Out of One’s Comfort Zone

My blog title happens to be the discussion. I chose this title because it appealed to me at that time (late 2006). Partly it was inspired by Steve Waugh’s autobiography and the other part for the feelings I sensed at that time. Four years hence, I feel I can define the comfort zone and what it means to be out of it.

It is not trying or imagining the surroundings around us to be comfortable. It is excellent if the surroundings can look better, but what about us?

We ask many questions to the outer world, but do we have time to speak to ourselves? Maybe we don’t want to address our real needs, as it requires taking a leap where we have not been before. And this fear of the unknown makes us seek comfort in the external world rather than our inner world.

Living under an illusion is our favourite past time because we don’t want changes or accept changes.

In general, we are quite optimistic about change, but the cynic in us won’t allow accepting it. We succumb to the pressures, and it is not that pressure is terrible; it’s just that is it worth taking on the forces for the sake of losing our identity? Which brings us to the topic of our identity?

It is a simple process of being self-aware and being close to it from time to time.

We generally do not notice this internal pressure because of our illusion. We choose to remain in the dark because of fear; the light of awareness might blind us instead of believing that the awareness torch shall lead us to the path we belong to.

It is a matter of choice, and I believe one can share, discuss these things because, eventually, it is the personal effort that decides an individual’s fate.

I can say it is better not to seek comfort externally. If we are not comfortable with ourselves (inner self), then we will never be satisfied.

What makes us comfortable? Identifying what we genuinely want and working towards it. It is a journey and for that, trusting one’s intuition at all times serves the fuel to propel ourselves on the road to our purpose.

Out of comfort zone doesn’t mean we have to be uncomfortable inside. If we do, first we need to address that immediately. And once we find ourselves comfortable, we can always give and do things in a better way, adjust, and change with more incredible spirits.

6 thoughts on “Out of One’s Comfort Zone

  1. I do agree with you Rajan… There are ways to interpret it, but many people take it as a forced majeure. Getting some1 out of his/her comfort zone means putting urself in danger zone, coz u will be held responsible for the unintentional self created pain one feel….


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