A New Chapter

Eversince I wrote my last blog, I felt all the remaining days, the purpose of I writing all these years came to a progressive conclusion. Things that seemed expressive found new channels and experiences I chose to share also ceased to exist in my chosen stream.

Until few days ago, due to aforementioned reasons or is this a scenario of looking life from different lens, I pondered to share my ever growing experiences. Years or should I say Wonder years of experience has made me look life in a different mode.

Last few months have been a tremendous experience something I have not had in my life. That’s positive according to me. You know why – “Its a burning desire from a personal point of view to experience the same old things in a new way”

There is another side to this – As long as we constantly strive to learn from what we have, and where we are, I am pretty sure everyday seems new day; new day with the knowledge of life brewing constantly, it does seem its different.

It’s a feeling where its a thin line between, no man’s land and the wonderland. I have been there before and it is a good feeling; but with our persepectives constantly evolving day in and day out, Do we actually feel – “I have been there done that before in a similar way?”

I would say no. Things remain the same, because they are things, with no lives. Our surroundings and perceptions change and evolve with constant learning.

Why I stopped writing – In March early this year, I found a meaning to the title I had chosen for this blog. Now, I have found a new purpose. The new purpose is something that has not taken its total shape, as it is energised by my daily actions and listening to one’s instincts.
Like I always believed, the juice is in the journey as I have not reached the intellectual state which would confirm my destination. The Ultimate destination.

I think, this new chapter in my life is about this journey. Looking back, it seems as though I did have my moments to realise who I am as a person and how I look at myself.
As it stands, that was just a trailer. Its time to keep the movie going 🙂

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