Movies Imitate Life; Life Imitates Movies

Firstly, after a long time I feel, I have to be honest with myself. I was scared or should I say, I used to feel bad whenever people used to call me filmy or here is a guy who talks about movies, relates the real life situations to movies, makes a mockery of songs and has fun by repeating dialogues from the movies.
Yes, that’s me…. Call me anything, because, name is just a matter of opinion. Previously, I was not accepting this aspect of mine, even though I talked a lot about movies.

Of late, I have learnt, people will love the way you are and love being what you are. This blog is to that few people in my life, who irrespective of how crazy and how much I talk about movies, still love me and tells me to be the way I am. I love them.

I come from a family of movie lovers. One can say, I am a guy who has learnt quite a lot of things from movies, it has shown me few things, answered few questions and more over it has had a positive influence on me. My maternal grandfather, my mother and my maternal uncle have been my biggest influencers.

The more I look at the movies, I somehow feel, there is some connection. I always get connected and feel as though, there is an imitation of life. I love connecting to characters if I can benefit from it. After all, life is all about learning. It can be learning to laugh, learning to be disciplined, to achieve goals, what to do and what not to do.

The beauty of life is such that, we cannot allow movie characters or movie themes to dictate our lives. It can give us a direction but it doesn’t walk on behalf of us. It can point towards the answers, but it doesnt say the right one. In the end, it’s merely an indicator, not a decider; an aspect of movies that appealed me. I have to make a choice for my life and it is similar to the disclaimer of the movies – “All characters and stories are merely coincidental.”

Inspirations, without them, there wouldn’t be any artists. Art wouldn’t have had any meaning attached to it. When nature can be a source of inspiration, people and places can be a source of inspiration, why can’t movies and certain elements, which in itself is inpsired by these elements be a source of inspiration?

It doesn’t matter…. All I know is, one cannot create things without inspirations, and if value is attached to the end product then who cares about what inspired them. This is to those few people who do care about inspiration and not just the end product. Movies are product of inspirations of various life styles adopted by humans and if one can learn and become better, then why not?

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