Hitting the road of one’s beautiful life

Riding seems to be fun even when the destination is unknown.

All I want to have is a beautiful journey!!! It’s entirely within me to make it adventurous and at the same time enjoy it.

We do face a lot of challenges in our daily life. I do have them like everyone else. Instead of playing the blame game, I am trying to learn the art of getting it solved.
It is a lot better to find a solution, finding answers to our queries, than just passing the pillow of our miseries to others.

Answers can be good or bad; the important thing is to find these answers rather than form a bubble of questions within us.

Passing the pillow can be a good time pass and with which one can get rid of our worries for a short time. But have we wondered, “Whose pillow is it anyway”??

I am a human; I won’t be 100% efficient in following the ideals. But I am at least trying to increase my efficiency. That reminds me, what exactly one means by efficiency??
I have heard people, including me using the word, inefficient.

For me, the efficiency of a human is just in more scientific terms–

Efficiency= The work done by an individual human / Total capacity or potential of that particular human.

In reality, the denominator value is much much higher than that of the numerator. Hence, efficiency is bound to be significantly very less.

Suppose a machine can give an efficiency of 36-40%, according to Mr Carnot. Our efficiency will be significantly less. So, in that respect, I am in-efficient, and the worst part is, everyone is along with me.

To increase our efficiency, it is essential to know our boundaries and these boundaries are relative. Just like engines have temperatures as their boundaries, we do have time with us.
An engine performs better once its mechanism is known, we perform better when we understand, who are we?

Our strengths and weakness and the way we utilize these two parameters translate into our mechanism.

A single-engine cannot perform all the activities, and in analogy, a single human cannot do all the things that humankind can do. But an engine can be linked with many other accessories to improve its efficiency, and we have a similar option.

So, it is vital to know, what are these accessories, and where is it???

For that, it is essential to know, Who am I?? Unless I understand entirely about myself, I would be making the wrong choices in choosing my accessories. That’s ok, as long as we are increasing our efficiency, even by a few margins. A lifetime is not enough to recognize one’s capacity, but it is possible to give it a shot.

Once we understand ourselves, we can understand others. We can connect pretty well, thereby increasing our chances to improve our efficiency.

Now one thing keeps coming back to me.”Why do we need this improvement in one’s efficiency.”

A simple answer to it “To satisfy our purpose in life and to live the life we always wanted to live”…

To put it in a much easier way. It is an universal truth that a building can withstand many storeys with a strong foundation. Similarly, unless we have a strong foundation within ourselves, we cannot expect our relationships to stay for a long time.

With a strong foundation, we can withstand any calamities and still retain those relationships.
It is crucial to be decorative and attractive from inside. That is where we live. Be it a building, be it our life, its essential to be beautiful and attractive from inside.

Not all are blessed with exterior beauty, and one should not be taken aback for this sole factor in life.

But everyone is blessed for being beautiful from inside. From my little experience, it’s always the inner beauty that can translate into external beauty and never vice-versa, no matter what.

It is natural to get attracted to external beauty, but this attraction’s persistence and longevity are pure because of inner beauty.

This suggests why most beautiful people do not have a beautiful life to live and not so beautiful people having a beautiful life to live.

Very few can pull off being beautiful, both exterior and interior. That’s a great piece of architecture. Mind you; everyone can be that Architect, the Architect of our life.

“Life is always beautiful; it’s a pity that we aren’t that beautiful enough from inside, so we tend to blame it on life.”

One thought on “Hitting the road of one’s beautiful life

  1. I dont seem to understand how you are trying to measure the total ‘capacity’ of humans… though the machine example seems simple enough to understand, the analogy looks kiddish…

    And when you say beautiful ppl living ugly life and ugly ppl living beautiful life… thats a dangerous assumption to make..


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