Riding on my Caliber

I was thinking, Why was I born???
There has to be a purpose in me hitting the earth. I was born, and I spent my childhood days with great pleasure doing things that I loved doing. Sometimes I went extreme, but that’s ok; I paid the prices for crossing the conflicted boundaries.

If you think I have learned something from all my activities, you bet I have got to know so many things.

My childhood still stays fresh in my mind many years forward, almost every activity I was involved with. Some are through my friends who I always make contact with, and others I remember them because they were the building blocks of my life, a beautiful life.

Now, if not a beautiful life, I have time to make it look gorgeous.

There is a conscious inside us, and my awareness keeps hitting me, reminding me of my purpose. I was learning; everyone has an equal chance of leading this beautiful life on this earth.
It is up to the individual to work hard and make himself accountable for his activities.

We cannot blame the situation and surroundings for our state of life or failures.
It’s just not acceptable. I am learning that, for my life to be on the right path, I need to take severe measures to be on the right track.

Some of us are born with specific advantages, but who is to be blamed for such benefits and disadvantages. These things take a back step once you start realizing one’s capacity and capability.

The day one realizes what he/she needs to do in life, we stop asking others questions. Instead we go on our own and search for the answers.

Our eyes need to be sweet to like all the people in this world. It is equally important to have a sweet tongue to be liked by all the people in this world.

It is in equilibrium, and we need to maintain the balance.

All I would like to say is, ” Every Life has happy endings…… If it’s not satisfied, then it’s not the END yet”…

The sooner we realize this, the better we would appreciate this hidden, beautiful life within us.

2 thoughts on “Riding on my Caliber

  1. How do u define beautiful? Is it what an individual perceives as beautiful or is it what we collectively as a soceity consider as beautiful? Both have subtle differences leading to two different paths and attitudes towards life.When u refer to individual perception it depends entirely on how u perceive ur senses and what meaning u derive from stimuli from environment and self imposed. But when u refer to what soceity as a whole describes then u come across a gamut of conflicts. Forced perception is present in all of us thanks to subtle suggestive messages imparted throughout our childhood. When soceital perception matches with individual perception then everything looks ore beautiful etc etc. But what happens when they are stark opposite? two things might happen. People generally either feel bad and depressed by which they forcefully follow soceity’s norms or become mavericks and if u take it far antisocial. What makes u agree with soceity’s perception or not? There comes ur initial surroundings. Ur initial influences. ur childhood matters. Very few ppl have changed midcourse to different perceptions which again can be attributed to their infuences and how they took it positively or negatively.


  2. I think you’ve gotta dig within yourself and find out what you are calling beautiful.. your excessive use of the word ‘beautiful’ makes a sceptic look at it as if you are doing so out of fear of the lacking ‘beauty’..


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