A LIfe Less Ordinary!!! More Extraordinary


Where do I start this?
Sometimes I feel why I should hit against a wall.

Am I sane to do it? It’s tough to get answers to such questions. Then
I do realize by introspection that, it’s not wall, she is a human
being and whom I regard forever as a good friend to have met (even if
it was only once).

Hence comparing you with the wall is the silliest analogy I can ever think of.

Then what it is?

All these days I just hoped you end up having hassle free life. And
hope is all I can give you at this moment.

I do believe, the most pristine relationship in this world is the
relationship between a mother and her children. Innocence is at its
peak when they start developing relationship very early in their
lives. The sad part is, it keeps deteriorating slowly and differences
do creep in eventually. This is a fact.

After 23 years (Not yet, one more month to go), Even I feel the pinch
when I try to manipulate things with my mother. It is tough to be
frank at all times. Why?

I am aware of things than previously and as time goes it becomes
eventually tough on my part to maintain or get back to that level of
innocence I once had as a child.

The more I think about this aspect, I feel, I am allowing the outer
elements to control and in turn hamper the innocence. This is no
theory and it’s completely pragmatic in every which way we would like
to think.

Now this explains the theory “Change is the only constant thing”. So
true, if changes can occur to a pristine relationship of that of a
mother and her children, then why do we point fingers at other
relationships and feel bad about it when it didn’t work.

By being frank at critical situations one can still retain the
innocence, because changes can occur for better too.

All it takes is choice and effort to back the choice.

With this enlightenment, I am trying to deal with trivial issues with
a bigger picture in mind.

No wonder, a good movie looks better on a big screen than on a small screen.

If we are making a movie of our lives, I completely agree with
individuals to choose their own cast. Stories, screenplays, editing,
suspense, climax, thriller, comedy etc it’s all up to us to direct our
thoughts to make a life time movie.

Generally, many movies include “cameos”. He gets appreciated only when
he completes the job which a main character is inhibited to do.

It is our wish to extend the cameo’s role. But extension of cameo’s
role must not affect the movie.

At the same time, one cannot ignore the importance of him. So we
choose him either to please the public so that he could help us to
make our movie a little better than what it is.

Or, we want him because we are convinced that he is there to play an
important role.

This convincing act must be one’s own.

I do remember the lines which you told me “There is a reason as to why
we both met”.

I don’t know whether you know the reason, but I certainly do. All I
need is, time from your kitty bag to tell what changes I have made in
my life and the new career path I am looking at. I really don’t know
whether I would get some time from you, but you see,
one needs to be optimistic and I am confident one day I will get that
“time” from you even if you try hard not to give. Hehehe

Like they say “Good things will always come to an end, if they aren’t
good, then it’s not the end yet”.

I hope you got all the answers and you’ve come to understand that
people and things are always going to change and you can’t stop them

I know for the fact, I cannot help or be there for all your problems.
And trust me no one will be there also for all the problems. Time is
the only comforter one can get.
Try and you will get some time from others, but only if you try. Trust
me, not every one is selfish and there are people who will be willing
to help without any motive only if you give them a chance.

In the end, we are all separate; our stories, no matter how similar,
come to a fork and diverge. We are drawn to each other because of our
similarities, but it is our differences we must learn to respect.

This is the Quote of my life: “No one except me can spoil my life;
it’s me and my choices which eventually would change my life”

Let me try….. An Enrique song for you……..

I have modified this for you….

Every day here you came for chatting (on g-talk)
and held your fingers; hence we don’t do much talking via chatting
when I asked “How are you”?
You say you’re happy and you’re doin’ fine
Well go ahead, baby, I got plenty of time
Sad eyes never lie
Sad eyes never lie

Well for a while I’ve been watching you unsteady
Ain’t gonna move from the friendship ’til you’re good and ready
You show up and then you shy away
But I know preeti( pretty) soon you’ll be walkin’ this way
Sad eyes never lie
Sad eyes never lie

Baby don’t you know I do care
Don’t you know that I’ve been there( not always though)
Well if something in the air feels a little unkind
Don’t worry darling, it’ll slip your mind

I know you think you’d never be my friend
Well that’s okay, baby, I don’t mind your trend
the photo shy smile of yours( on orkut) is sweet, that’s a fact
Go ahead, I don’t mind the act ( of you not being in touch)

Here you come all planned up for a date to meet
Well one more step and it’ll be too late to treat
Adversity might make you feely lonely here and there
I am sure that you’re so sure I’ll be standing there
Sad eyes never lie
Sad eyes never lie
Sad eyes never lie
Sad eyes never lie

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