Why being so fussy on Peter and MJ??

First, why do people with super powers not given the time to explain as to what they want in return to the services they do to the man kind?

I am not pointing towards the iconic Superman or other super heroes of the comic world.

To me, just like heroes have special powers, the anti-heroes do possess similar sort of powers. Then why do heroes always win at the end of each raging battle which encapsulates every individual who has come to watch at the cinema halls.

It is the heart of a hero which makes him bigger than the biggest of all anti-heroes.
Every individual does possess this special power in him. Circumstances will make him either to choose the best of him/her or the worst.

Although, this power is not the exact replica of the one shown in comics, but the overall idea is very similar.
Take comics, we have Spiderman who carries the burden of people’s expectations on one hand and on the other hand, the identity of Peter Parker which he needs to retain.

For instance, human emotions can be easily recognized with Spiderman than say for example Superman. Spiderman was created in earth, whereas Superman arrived from Krypton.
Hence, the lone side of Peter Parker is very pragmatic compared to Clark Kent. Also, Peter is more family oriented and basically very inquisitive about other aspects of life.

His love life however is very interesting and realistic. He loves MJ, his first love of his life. He had hidden his feelings for her and was just a good friend. In fact, he was much more than a friend at times. From an audience point of view, it was evident; he loved her and only her.

Poor old MJ, she did realize in the end where her heart was and did a brave thing opting out of marriage to be with Spiderman, in spite of knowing the consequences. She had this attitude “Let’s see”, without even thinking how hard it can be, being with someone who doesn’t talk when needed, always on the move and more importantly he is quite different from her except for the love which they have for each other and with it the respect.

Except for meeting and sharing few romantic moments with each other, I didn’t see them doing anything which would be beneficial for their future. She keeps thinking and hesitates to tell him or rather she doesn’t get the right time to tell him as to what she thinks and feels. So she is disappointed and at the same time her career doesn’t seem to be going right. Overall she is one frustrated girl who has a lot of expectations even though she doesn’t quite express them.

Peter, well he is high on confidence and has MJ and no other girl on his mind. Even though he does interact with lots of them at research and college, his head is firm about MJ and no other.

Now, Peter on his own is brilliant with MJ and they do rock when ever they meet. On such occasions both are mad about each other and they share a comfortable bubble around them. They never felt insecure.

Problem starts when Peter has to switch over his role to Spiderman where in he cannot be thinking about MJ or his personal life. He is there for others and in turn this might be not so easy for MJ at times.

Since she is associated with Peter, she will have to face certain consequences for which she isn’t quite ready to take a risk. Peter is one guy who never expresses his problems to others but he is the first person who will be ready to solve other’s problems. This mind set of his becomes very difficult for MJ to cope with because he is being much stronger than what she is.

Also, he is being more confident and successful at what he is doing; this adds extra pressure on MJ to do well. I shall never blame MJ for that because, she isn’t head strong at all times, she keeps changing her decisions based on her mood swings. She is in the mind set “He never understands me”. The point is, she never expressed, still expects him to be there. Now this is bit tough on him and their relationship, but she does set such high standards for herself even though she knows she would never succeed in it. That’s her.

Peter plans to be with her for rest of his life. He fails to understand her and thinks by giving the freedom to her to do whatever she wants to do; he is actually being not bossy in the relationship. But she doesn’t want this freedom, she wants him, she wants him to listen, understand and just do that. Similarly, MJ cannot understand the responsibilities and standards which Peter sets for him. It’s tough for her.

Probably he didn’t give her much time owing to many other commitments but that’s not the excuse. Somewhere, they both got so much freedom that; they started enjoying the silence of their relationship rather than the constant chatting which used to be the case previously before being in a relationship.

In the past( before the relationship), they used to trust each other lots, used to talk, used to enjoy each other’s company lots and both used to think of each other when crisis knocked their doors. They still trust, but expectations started to slowly kill the relationship.

While in a relationship, they chose others to solve and hear their problems.

The problem was never with them, they both are the best of friends one can ever get in life.

Add little relationship dimension into it, the whole equilibrium gets disturbed. Both have changed in terms of keeping the same old things. Somewhere, relationship broke the foundation with which they built their friendship castle.

Peter is self-motivated person where as MJ isn’t.

Now, 2 part series is enough to realize that, they cannot motivate each other in a relationship. Without the tag of relationship, trust me, they will be inseparable as friends and will last forever. You need to try to know whether it is possible or not possible. They just realized it’s not possible for them in a relationship.

Somewhere both of them will feel it’s not the same rapport they share, what they had before getting into this relationship. I guess parting ways for the sake of friendship will be the best thing to do. Somewhere I feel they can be only friends not couples.

If the relationship doesn’t work, the beauty of their old friendship is that, they are not gonna curse each other or blame each other for the failure of their relationship. It was the attitude of MJ “Let’s try”, both of them did try, but didn’t work out. But they are gonna get stronger as friends once they forget the relationship aspect.

From viewer’s point of view, it would be great if these two great friends be together for rest of their lives. Good Idea, as long as the tag of relationship isn’t there.

While she plans to depart from the relationship, because Peter would never initiate it no matter what. She puts the message, and he tries to change her decision but she wouldn’t. All he thinks while he watches her going away-
“Yes we love each other. We love more than any other person in this world and there is nothing that we would like better than to hold on to each other forever. But she thinks it’s not for the best .Its her choice. So no matter how much my heart is going to break; I’ve got to let her go, so she can know just how much I love her. Maybe if I’m lucky, she’ll come back, but if not, I can make it through this”

Sometimes you have to let go to see if there was anything worth holding on to.

Of all the romantic moments they shared, things change over a period of time. This was the moment in their lives. It shows the love they had for each other.

Just when the siren sounds loud and sadly, he is gonna miss the words…….” Go get them Tiger”.

And then he shoots his web on a building and goes on with his life.

Now this will be the thing for the fourth part of the series. Add few anti- heroes we will find a brilliant movie grossing millions of dollars again.

The fifth part???? Who cares? All depends on how Peter and MJ want to be together. Things can change, some are reversible others aren’t.

3 thoughts on “Why being so fussy on Peter and MJ??

  1. Ok, first of all… I never thought that he should be with MJ to begin with, because she never was sure which guy she wanted to be with…. I mean… she really didn’t want a relationship with him until she had an idea he was Spiderman… she knew there was something familiar about him when she talked to him at one point…because of something he said. Are they married in the 3rd one? Also who says that Super Heros can’t talk about themselves? They choose not to…not that they can’t. For Example Lois Lane does discover who Superman really is… and MJ really knows who Spiderman is… and they choose a relationship with them. In a relationship it means sharing your life… why not talk about yourself and your struggles with the one whom you are supposed to love? They know you. It’s all about the choice to share or not to share.


  2. I have seen only the first part of the movie.. (the third somewat). not easy to comment.. But will make an attemt to, at general stuff.Relationships r tricky as u repeatedly mention.. but be with anyone, an ex-frnd or not b4, the problems u mention r always der..I guess only talkin over can help.. If u keep changin relationships, lookin for the better, u r goin nowhere… caught in a visciuos circle..


  3. whoa. Three movies and so much analysis? I might agree and/or disagree with this but what struck me was your attachment to these characters. Do you see bits of yourself in them? 🙂I’d enjoy this analysis if it had a more realistic context. 🙂What are your fav fictional characters for instance?


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