Seen but Have we really met them??

I have two questions to ask…
1. Are we being honest to ourselves??
2. Are we being honest to our guiding force, in my case its my parents??
The first answer is surely related to the second. I shall share my experience.
Firstly, if there certain section of people who shall give us another chance right from the bottom of their heart, it is our parents.
I am helpless for the people who have lost their parents, because life is like that. I just admire the way they live everyday.
How much time do we spend with our parents??
I have heard many people telling, my parents are strict, at least one of them. They don’t listen to me. They are orthodox. They want things their way.
Agreed, even i used to think on similar lines. Hence, i wasn’t clear on many things i did and certain amount of fear started creeping inside me, this fear was stopping me from doing things whole-heartedly.

Call it my fortune, i did get an opportunity to understand the true value of parents. Its true, everyone loves their parents but we tend to forget that it is very much true the other way around.

But, i don’t understand one point. When we both share mutual love, why is it that, we fear our parents??

I believe the best thing a person can do, if he/she gets a chance is to understand them, rather than fearing them. They are the only people who accept the way we are, no matter what. If one doesn’t get a chance. Time is still there, do it now. It is always better to give your best shot now than regret later.

It is a failure for us, not to convince our parents, once we are convinced ourselves. Patience is required and at the same time, one must respect their feelings.

I have heard many telling, i wont go against my parent’s wishes. To be honest, thats a brilliant line to say. Ask yourself, how many things we have done against our parent’s wishes, then why this demarcation in certain issues.

I have done lot of things without telling my parents and i have regretted it for doing so. I am lucky and at the same time i am proud of the fact that, i took the chance when i got an opportunity to correct myself.

Most people who face this type of syndrome are the people who are not confident of themselves but want to put a mask of that of a confident person. The truth is, within us, it gets very disturbing.

Some will be honest in accepting this fact and try to rectify it and for others it becomes an egoistic issue.

Another point, my friends say, My parents are very different from yours!!!
A fair point… The truth is, me and my friends are also not same, so how do we expect our parents to be the same. Maybe just like, we friends have few things in common, i am sure our parents also will be having few things in common between them, i mean ( My parents and my friend’s parents).

The difference is not in the parents, its in their background, the way they have been brought up.
How many people do actually think all parents think alike in most aspects of their children.
They do have different ways of expressing it, pity that we wont be able to interpret it.

We spend a lot of time listening to our friends, do we spend a fraction of that time, listening to what our parents say.

One thing is sure, we can afford to lose so-called friends, we cannot afford to lose our parents.
Ask a friend, who doesn’t have a parent, he/ she will tell you, how lucky we are…

It took nine-months for me to come to this earth and this is true for everyone else.
Feelings of parents are the same, it is just that we take or assume different forms.

Another issue comes… The gender issue…
Convincing one’s parents is nothing to do with the gender. It is an escape route according to me.
For everything, there are certain advantages and dis-advantages.

A loser is one who cribs about dis-advantages while others just do what they have got and succeed.
Be it men or women, parents are the same.

Also, i don’t quite understand when people tell, I want to fulfill my parent’s dreams and that is my priority.

How many of us know our parent’s dreams?? The last line is the most brilliant line to get people’s appreciation.

When was the last time, did our parents ask, look, this is my dream, you fulfill it.
I have heard it many times on many issues. Ask yourself, have we fulfilled it???

Now, how many of them did we go against??? Many without telling them.
So, here we are… For the things which can be easily done, we don’t mind going against our parent’s wishes. When asked, we tend to reply… “Its ok, no one is perfect”.

But when things are not easy, escape route. I don’t want to go against my parent’s wishes.
If that was the case, why did we go against them secretly in the first place??

Coming back to the parent’s dreams….. Its a universal truth….
First try to be honest to yourself…. In that honesty, if your parents do exist, never hesitate to be honest with your parents. Never be scared of them, for any issue for that matter.

See the difference… I always believe, only when we are convinced of our actions we can convince our parents. Otherwise, we being egoistic and selfish always put the blame on parents saying they are strict. But deep down, we do realize someday, not convincing our parents or not being honest with them is the biggest failure of our life.

No matter how much success we achieve, it can never over weigh this failure, Thats the universal truth.

Following the ideals which were taught to us and applying it successfully is our parent’s dream.
Anything apart from this, is purely materialistic.

Think, when we are afraid of losing our parents, it is also true the other way. So why don’t we communicate when we share similar feelings for each other. A good communication with our parents is essential to realize one’s purpose. If parents don’t exist, their ideals would always remain with us.

3 thoughts on “Seen but Have we really met them??

  1. Good Job Daaju!

    Very true. We take our parents for granted, and for most of us we only realize once we don’t have them with us anymore. I found out the hard way, my dad passed away when I was 16. I appreciate the values and morals that passed on by his example in life. I also learned to appreciate my mom so much more and make sure I tell her I love her whenever I have the chance. Parents have so much wisdom, grandparents have even more. We should soak up some of thier wisdom instead of saying “They are so old fashioned and out of touch with my generation.” when in fact they lived through harsher circumstances than we probably ever have or will.

    Have some faith in your parents undestanding….. and wisdom in life.

    Well said Daaju! Keep it up =O)


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