On the chicanery road less travelled

While I am travelling on this road, there come situations where something stops me. It can be a lack of motivation etc. Now, I begin to think, is this the road I always wanted to go??

There are neither road signs nor road lights ahead, but the road is there. Sometimes, no navigator.

Just because it feels excellent initially doesn’t mean the enthusiasm and motivation should last long.

Purpose, Is this road on my map of Purpose. Even half-convinced, I wouldn’t mind going and fulfilling it. I say to myself; Purpose is focusing the full power of what I am and what I want to achieve.

With this belief, I am sure of taking this uncertain part. It’s a challenge, which I want to face whole-heartedly. Challenge is the law of life. Once I accept this challenge, there still would be doubts coming within me about my abilities.

One of the things is because of my past, and hence I am reluctant this time around.

I believe, While choosing between two evils, I shall always take the one I have never tried before. I am very unsure of how it could turn out this way, but you never know; it might just be a blessing in disguise.

Convincing becomes an important issue here again with the bigger picture in mind. But one must not ignore to enjoy things that come our way on this path. Appreciate whatever comes and embrace it. Everything has a purpose in this world; it’s just how well we relate to these things and make them more meaningful.

With such experiences, we would gather a lot of energy. Trust me, this energy is compelling, and one needs to channelize it in the right way.

Setbacks are bound to happen on our road to glory or, in fact, on any street to glory.

Always remember, as Rocky Balboa says, “It’s not how hard you hit; it is how hard you get hit and still keep moving forward.”

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